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Just working on some drawings for Edinburgh musicians Lost Love Launch.Heres a taster.Ill update more news when i have it but their Myspace is up here for a listen.

My Father Was A Boxer You See
If you enjoyed the comic and would like an actual printed copy with a CD of music inspired by the strip by Lan Formatique its $2 + $1 for US post and $3 for international.You can pay through Paypal.Contact

For an extra $5 Mr F can e-deliver his album to you (

Send an extra $3 and they can get his excellent Fletcher Hanks tape as well (

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Craig Collins Is The Devil

Heres a sample of a strip i did with my Roachwell chum Craig Collins from his lovely new blog.Please check it out;
Lots of good strips by far better artists than me.

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Mr Hubris by Fraser Campbell and Iain Laurie

An old comic i did with Fraser Campbell, pre-Powwkipsie.Enjoy.

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Naked Snacks;Iain Lauries "Powwkipsie"

"Naked Snacks;Iain Laurie "Powwkipsies"
By Rob Clough

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Friday, 26 March 2010
Transgression and Transfiguration: Iain Laurie's "Powwkipsie"

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From the archives.......

Some old drawings from the deleted news site.

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Powwkipsie updates and thoughts


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